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Object name: Sharpless 2-155 Cave Nebula   Optics:   TEC 110 FL Fluorite Apo with original flattener
  Objekt type: Emission nebula   Focal lenght:   616 mm
  Constellation: Cepheus   Camera:   FLI ML 16803-65
  Location / Date: Remseck / 27th of August 2016   Exposure:   27 x 1200 sec Ha / 23 x 1200 sec SII / 27 x 600 sec Blue / 1 x 300 sec RGB - Total exposure approx. 21 hours
  Distance: approx. 2400 ly   Filters:   Astrodon 3 nm narrowband filters / Baader LRGB filters
  Apparent dimensions: approx. 4°   Mount:   10micron GM2000 HPS
  Real dimensions: approx. 35 ly   Autoguiding:   Off-Axis Guider - SX Lodestar
  Brightness: approx. 7.7m   Software:   MaxIm DL / Registar / Photoshop CS5 / PixInsight / Straton
  Position (R.A. / DEC): 22h 54' / +62°21'   Image processing:   Tone mapping according to real colors


Sharpless2-155 (Sh2 155) is a faint and diffuse emission nebula in constellation Cepheus, containing emission, reflection and dark nebula parts.

The common name is "Cave-Nebula. This image contains Ha, SII and Blue filtered data. There was no significant OIII data available.

FOV is 3.3°