Object name: C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy   Optics:   TEC 110 FL
  Objekt type: Comet   Focal lenght:   616 mm
  Constellation: Andromeda (Feb 2015)   Camera:   FLI ML 16803-65
  Location / Date: Remseck / 12.Feb.2015   Exposure:   2 x 600 sec red / 5 x 600 sec green / 5 x 600 sec blue / 6 x 600 sec Luminance
  Distance: -   Filters:   Astrodon L- RGB
  Apparent dimensions: approx. 70 Mio km (Jan 2015)   Mount:   10micron GM2000 HPS
  Real dimensions: -   Autoguiding:   none
  Brightness: -   Software:   MaxIm DL / Pixinsight / Straton / Photoshop CS5
  Position (R.A. / DEC): -   Image processing:   classical RGB wih star removal


Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy slowly moves through the constellations Aries, Triangulum, Andromeda
and Cassiopeia (January to March 2015).

In the image shown above stars have been separated from the
comet's core to avoid star trails. The stars have been added after image processing
in correct order.